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NBN and Internet services

NBN and Internet services

Don't know anything about the NBN or what Internet options you have?
We can make everyting about the NBN and Internet services for you with honest recommendations.

NBN Services:
  • Plans - we can help you with what plan to choose;
  • Providers - we can help you with finding the best NBN provider;
  • Installation - we can help you with setting up the NBN.
  • Routers - we can help you with better routers than those provided.
Internet Services:
  • Internet - we can help you find out what Internet options you have;
  • Setup - we can help you with Internet setup;

How much will it cost?

NBN and Internet services Price
Residential Services $65.00/hour
Seniors (with card) $50.00/hour
Commercial Services $110.00/hour
Not-for-profit (registered) $95/hour
NBN and Internet Routers Price
NBN Routers Call 1300 428 249

1: All prices are inclusive of GST

2: A minimum charge of 1 hour applies

3: We don't charge travelling fees in Free Areas


1: Visa & Master Cards

2: Debit Cards

3: Cash

4: Purchase Order (Registered Customers Only)

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